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GENESIS - Seawater to Jet Fuel


Next Generation Sustainable Aviation Fuel for Military and Commercial Applications through an Innovative and Integrated Process

Project GENESIS develops breakthrough technologies that extract carbon dioxide and hydrogen from seawater to create feedstock for jet fuel synthesis in deployable units.

The ocean is an incredible reservoir with over 140 times the carbon dioxide concentration compared to air, and it also contains hydrogen, which is another important component in making SAF. The ability to do this in an efficient manner is precisely what project GENESIS is aiming to do. The Naval Research Laboratory (“NRL”) has patented a technology that allows extraction of carbon dioxide from seawater and simultaneously produce hydrogen. Integrating this technology with true and tested processes for converting carbon dioxide and hydrogen to fuels allows to produce JP-5 jet fuel that meets DoD specifications.



Preliminary studies of Naval operational scenarios and naval architectural design suggest that a seaborne version of the process could sustain a Carrier Strike Group’s operations indefinitely – this ability is a huge advantage for the Navy in a potential conflict situation.


Genesis Value Proposition
  • Increased fuel security and a less vulnerable fuel supply chain 

  • Long-term fuel cost predictability

  • Less dependency on traditional carbon sources that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions

  • Potentially lower cost per gallon delivered at sea to the fleet

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