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Image by Karsten Würth

mPower – Unlocking Renewable Energy Storage 

Optimizing the value of residential and commercial energy storage for households and business and paving the way for renewables.

While solar has entered the mainstream, only a fraction of installations comes with energy storage. The primary reasons: high cost, limited flexibility and low overall value. While it is now widely accepted that we must transition to renewable energy and reduce our overall carbon footprint, storage remains a known chokepoint to effect that transition.

Energy storage using batteries remain costly, making the ability to squeeze value out of every kilowatt hour critically important. This is where mPower comes in – instead of limiting the use of stored energy to a small number of hard-wired essential circuits, mPower enables a home or business owner to easily employ any solar-based stored energy across any circuit…at will. 

mPower turns any ordinary circuit breaker panel into a smart panel

mPower can be easily snapped into any existing circuit breaker panel and the smart architecture allows it to be tailored to any specific number of breakers at an affordable cost.

That’s not all – with dynamic sensoring and tracking, mPower also provides actionable feedback for better energy management. When deployed at scale,  it can provide smarter utility information to city leaders and utilities as they seek to effectively employ a municipality’s energy supplies. 


mPower Value Proposition

  • Allowing users to manage energy storage consumption efficiently and cost-effectively

  • Delivers discretion over what circuits to use in any situation (normalized or emergency)

  • Unlocks energy storage performance and dramatically improves its return on investment

  • Serves as a tool to manage consumption across a community and better utilize renewable energy resources

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