Innovating Energy Mobility


Sea Dragon Energy, Inc. was created to meet the energy demands of the future with innovations today. Our solutions aim at resolving bottlenecks in the energy system to create truly mobile and on-demand production, storage and consumption of energy. This will allow for a sustainable growth of renewable energy and help us tackle the challenges of climate change. 

Our solutions decentralize and distribute energy production and storage closer to energy users to increase resiliency, support sustained renewable generation growth and help tackle the challenges of climate change.

Innovating Energy Mobility is our passion and how we want to contribute to a low carbon society – providing a big impact with a reduced footprint. Enabling clean energy whenever and wherever it is needed is our mission. The future energy system is our opportunity!

Produce, Store and
Consume Energy
wherever and whenever needed


In a world that is increasingly becoming distributed and interconnected at the same time, new innovative concepts are needed to facilitate this shift.

LYNX - Solar After Dark

LYNX is Sea Dragon Energy’s concept for distributed energy storage for the residential market that can be networked to create larger-scale aggregated grid solutions.

GENESIS - Seawater to Jet Fuel

Project GENESIS develops breakthrough technologies that extract hydrogen and carbon dioxide from seawater to create feedstock for jet fuel synthesis in deployable units.


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Sea Dragon Energy, Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of Global Air Logistics and Training, Inc., a veteran-owned small business focused on developing warfighter centric solutions for command, control and communications (C3) systems.